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Tur: "Calpe ist eine Übersetzung, so wie Londres"
Calp and Calpe go hand in hand - "Calpe"-Abschaffung ist absurd
Geschichtslehrer Alfredo Herraiz, übersetzt von Inge Willekens, am 20.01.2009 um 10:00 Uhr
When I heard the news that the local government had decided to omit the name of Calpe, I was completely bewildered. The justification is a study that confirms that the toponym (place name) Calp has a longer continuity in the local history. It is absurd: Calpe and Calp have always been the names of our village.
With scientific certainty we know that the toponym Calpe has been used for more than 300 years, probably even more than 2000 years considering the geographical similarities between the Greek Calpe of Gibraltar and our Calpe.
With a span of 300 years, the name of Calpe is as old as those of many American cities. Its historical legitimacy is therefore completely justified. Omitting the name of Calpe would be as absurd as omitting the name of New York, and replacing it with New Amsterdam, which would also betray the historical truth for not being the Indian name. It is the height of absurdity.
Being named Calpe for more than 300 years, is sufficient argument to fight for its survival. The name of Calpe is embedded in our society; is present in the names of bars, streets and shops in the whole province …. AND is internationally known.
During all these years, we have been spending time and money to become known (the fundamental economic activity of Calpe is tourism), we have assisted at touristic events, we have promoted our town throughout the world under the name of Calpe.
The economic cost to launch a new name in the touristic sector is considerable. If the decision of the local government eliminates Calpe from the touristic vocabulary, we are throwing away a reputation and prestige which took years to establish. Both in Spain and Europe, our village is known as Calpe.
For 300 years Calpe and Calp have always lived together in a perfect harmony. It is out of question if it is better to use one or both, if one of the two names is more correct, there is no competition. The two names are complementary and the pluralism of it has not only been an enrichment, but is also a sign of the values and ideals of our town. The double name Calpe/Calp represents tolerance, cosmopolitism, pluralism, openness and the freedom to choose. By omitting one of those names – Calpe or Calpe – we lose our true essence, the pluralism. We exclude and put aside all the inhabitants who feel Calpe is their village, and we lose complete freedom.
For many years the name of Calpe has been the only official name of this village, wrongfully omitting its other name. Progressive forces saved and re-established in 1991 the complementary name of Calp. From that moment on Calp and Calpe have been reconciled for ever:
“El actual municipio de Calpe, de la provincia de Alicante, adoptará la forma bilingüe para su denominación: Calp en valenciano y Calpe en castellano. Decreto 129/1991, de 23 de julio de 1991, del Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana”
History helped us reconcile both names and to generate a spirit of tolerance, dialogue and mutual understanding. I was very upset when I heard that this spirit of unity could be in danger, that my village could lose one of its beloved names and worst of all that the science of history has been used as an argument to create division. By this text I want to demonstrate that history cannot justify absurdities, it is not meant for these goals. History is meant to unify and not to divide.
Pluralism is an important value and is a part of the spirit of the village of Calpe/Calp. I invite all the habitants whatever their background or nationality, to manifest, to argue and to act in the defence of the saving of the actual double name of this village Calpe/Calp.

Alfonso Herraiz
Licenciado y profesor de Historia (Geschichtslehrer)